Author: Giannetto Comis
Date: 2003
Classes: GePetReorder_.class
Installation: Download GePetReorder_.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.

GePetReorder replaces GePetOp, which is deprecated. GePetReorder has been designed to also deal with whole body GE PET Advance data. It opens a 3D Dicom study loading the slices in the correct order as according to the Dicom header. Hereafter the whole volume can be normalized in a single step using the maximum of the entire stack for the normalization factor (rather than normalizing each single slice, thus leading to images whose intensity is not axially smooth).

Known bugs: The normalization algorithm may not work properly on some special cases of DICOM headers. We are currently working to solve this problem.
Special thanks: We thank Prof. Pupi, Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, Florence (Italy), Mark Mandelkern, Physics Dept., University of California Irvine (USA), and Luc Boucher, Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (Canada) for some useful suggestions.
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