MIP - Maximum Intensity Projection

Author: Giannetto Comis
Date: 2001
Source: MIP_.java
Classes: MIP_.class
Installation: Download MIP_.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.

The plugin computes a sequence of lateral projections of a volume - usually consisting of transaxial planes - according to the Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) method. Each lateral component can be weight corrected according to its distance from the front plane. A variant of the alghorithm allows to compute the Total Intensity Projections. The resulting images are inserted into a new stack to which a pseudo color map is applied, and that can be regularly displayed from within ImageJ.

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Literature: Y.Sun, D.L.Parker, "Performance analyses of Maximum Intensity Projection algorithm for display of MRA images", IEEE Trans.Med.Imaging, 18(12), 1154-69, 1999

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