PC-NOW99 Workshop on Personal Computers based Networks Of Workstations

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Papers Submission and Review Process

The program will consist of one or two key-note lectures, and a number of contributed (25 minute) presentations. Contributed papers will be thoroughly reviewed by at least 3 Anonymous Referees appointed by the Program Committee in order to identify their originality as well as their scientific and practical contribution to the state of the art.

The Authors will have the chance to look at the reports prepared by the Anonymous Referees on their own papers, and provide an "answer" to some possible questions raised by the reviewers. Both the Anonymous Referees' reports and the Authors' answer will be taken into account for the acceptance/rejection decision in the Program Committee Meeting.

Authors are invited to send full papers in English, up to 20 pages double-space, A4 format, including figures and references. Only original contributions not previously published will be considered. Simultaneous submission to other conferences or journals must be clearly indicated.

Submission should be electronic via e-mail. A single PostScript(TM) file should be sent to the following address:


The PostScript file must be pre-viewed by Aladdin GhostScript 5.10 and printed on Apple LaserWriters. The file should be sent either as a Unix uuencoded compressed file or as a GZIPped MIME attachment to an email message.

Each submission should be accompanied by a 100 word summary in plain ASCII text and a single postal and e-mail address for communication.

Hardcopy submission could exceptionally be arranged upon previous agreement with the workshop co-chair.

chiola@disi.unige.it, June 10, 1998