Deductive Model Checking (DMC)
Constraint-based Verification
Giorgio Delzanno, and Andreas Podelski
DMC (Deductive Model Checking) is a prototype symbolic model checker implemented in SICStsus Prolog for infinite-state systems with integer and real data variables. The symbolic representation of the state-space is given through a collection (disjunction) of linear arithmetic constraints. Constraints are stored in the internal database of SICStus Prolog as constrained facts (i.e. unit facts with constraints in the body). Constraints are manipulated using the internal real-solver of SICStus (Holzbaur's clp(Q,R) library). Safety and liveness properties are verified using a possibly non terminating fixpoint computation. A set of acceleration rules (defined in the rule-based style typical of Prolog) are used to speed-up (and sometimes enforce termination of) the computation. With DMC, we managed to prove properties of concurrent systems like mutual exclusion algorithms (Bakery, Ticket, Producer-Consumers), parameterized cache coherence protocols (Illinois, Berkeley, Dragon, Firefly) and abstractions of C-programs for array bounds checking. We describe next how to load and experiment using the current prototype version and the cache coherence protocols in the directory `examples'.

Note: since Sept, 2000 I am not maintaining the code anymore

  • Download the DMC user guide.
  • Download the DMC SICStus Prolog source code.
  • You need SICStus Prolog to run DMC.
  • SICStus Prolog user guide.

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