Extended Hereditary Harrop Formulas in Lambda Prolog

By G.Delzanno

Helmet represents a further step towards the definition of a logical environment in which specifying complex programming features aided by automated-deduction systems a la Prolog. The interpreter presented here is based on a subset of Forum called Ehhf in which non-determinism is reduced to multiple-headed clause selection. We present different examples of specification like: code mobility, www programming, concurrent object-oriented programming. For more details download this draft.

  • A prototype in lambdaProlog has been developed, click here for more information here.
  • The complete package can be found here, it is based on the latest version of lambdaProlog called Terzo.

    Further readings:

    [1] Logic & Linear Programming in Linear Logic G.Delzanno, University of Pisa TD-2-97, PhD-Thesis click here to download the gzipped postscript.

    E-mail to:giorgio@disi.unige.it