Francesco Masulli - Research

Vicolab at DISI - Genova (Italy)
Soft computing and machine learning at DISI - Genova (Italy)
Machine learning in bioinformatics at DISI - Genova (Italy)


2019-2021 DIM - type 2 Diabeticís Intelligent Mobile support ALCOTRA EU
AI-MEMO AlzheIMer Early MOnitoring
XPERT - ITACA eXperimentation Platform for the succEssful adoption of disRuptive Technologies in public services: Intelligent TrAffic ForeCAster
DigForAsp, Digital forensics: evidence analysis via intelligent systems and practices - EU Cost Action CA17124
2015-2019 cHiPSet, High-Performance Modelling and Simulation for Big Data Applications -  EU Cost Action IC1406
MIE - Intelligent Sustainable Mobility

REM-AI - Remote monitoring for health, safety, quality of life and assisted
independence of older and fragile people
IANUS - Integrated AssistaNce on Unguarded Systems
2013-2015 STARC - Remote-Control System for Home Rehabilitation Activities
PLUG-IN Platform for Urban Mobility with Heterogeneous Sources Information Management
2011-2015 ML-AAL - Machine Learning methods applied to an experiment in Ambient Assisted Living
2012-2013 Clustering of data in high dimensionality spaces 
2008 -
SHRO Cancer Systems Biology Program
2006-2008 Bioinformatics proteome analysis of neuroglioblastomes

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