Brief CV of Eugenio Moggi

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 Prof. Eugenio Moggi     tel.:  +39-010-353 6628
 DIBRIS, Univ. di Genova fax:   +39-010-353 6699
 via Dodecaneso 35       email:
 16146 Genova, Italy     www:

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Research interests

type systems and lambda-calculus, category theory and its applications, semantics of programming languages, formal systems for reasoning about programs, semantics and analysys of hybrid systems.

Main research contributions

the study of formal systems for partial functions, the categorical semantics of polymorphic types and program modules, the structuring of denotational semantics using monads, type systems and operational semantics for multi-stage programming languages and meta-programming.

Research projects

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Research supervision

Main supervisor for the following PhD students at Univ. di Genova: G. Belle', C. Calcagno.
2nd supervisor for the following PhD students at Univ. of Edinburgh: A. Knobel, S. Ambler, Z. Luo, P. Cenciarelli.


Invited speaker, PC or OC member of Conferences/Workshops/Schools

Information is available on Eugenio Moggi web page.


Information is available on the web page Publications, see also DBLP Database and Google Scholar.

Teaching activity (in Italian)

Information for the current academic year is available on Eugenio Moggi web page, while for past academic years is available from the web page teaching activity.