Enrico Puppo

Professor in Computer Science - Head of Department

Full address
Dipartimento di Informatica, Bioingegneria, Robotica e Ingegneria dei Sistemi
Università di Genova
Via Dodecaneso, 35
16146 Genova - ITALY

Room 306
Tel +39-010-353-6706
Fax +39-010-353-6699
e-mail  enrico.puppo@unige.it


Short Bio

Enrico Puppo is professor of computer science and head of department at the Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics and System Engineering (DIBRIS) of the University of Genova.

Enrico Puppo has written over 120 scientific publications on the subjects of algorithms and data structures for spatial data handling, geometric modeling, geometry processing, computational geometry, and image processing. His current research interests are in geometry processing and multi-scale analysis and modeling of shapes, with applications to Computer Graphics, Computer Aided Design, Architecture, Scientific Visualization, and Geographical Information Systems.

Enrico Puppo has been the principal investigator of local units in several projects funded by the European Community, by the Italian Ministry of Research and Education, by the National Research Council and by the European Space Agency. He is member of the editorial board of Journal Geoinformatica (Springer); he served on about 40 program committees of major international conferences in the areas of geometric and shape modeling, computer graphics, visualization, and geographic data processing. He is a member of the Eurographics Association and the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR).

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