Filippo Ricca, PhD

Projects (March, 17-2015) -

Filippo Ricca has participated in the following research projects:

  • WebFAQ - Web Flexible Access and Quality (2002-2005). In the context of three problem areas identified as critical for the future development of the Internet, WebFAQ aimed at addressing the problem ofthe analysis and representation of the information content . One of the objectives was to study techniques for the improvement of Web site access and quality. The project addressed the analysis of the structure and the evolution over time of Web sites, with the primary objective of developing methods and tools to support maintenance interventions during their life cycle. It was a project funded by the Fondo Unico per la Ricerca della provincia autonoma di Trento
  • METAMORPHOS (2008). In the context of the METAMORPHOS (MEthods and Tools for migrAting software systeMs towards web and service Oriented aRchitectures: experimental evaluation, usability, and tecHnOlogy tranSfer) project, Filippo was involved as collaborator in the preparation and analysis of an industrial survey. The survey focused in migration projects towards the Web, service oriented architectures (SOAs) and wireless environments. This project was funded by MiUR (Ministero dell'UniversitÓ e della Ricerca) within the program PRIN (Programmi di ricerca di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale) under grant nr. 2006098097.
  • Iniziativa software Finmeccanica Lab. Genova (2007-2009).Porting of a complex legacy Postal system towards SOA. The target system was a large non-OO legacy system (more than 1 million lines of code, 2000 files and 200 executable modules) written in several languages (i.e., C, C++, VB, C#, VBSCRIPT and PL/SQL) and running in a distributed environment. It was a project funded by Finmeccanica.
  • Architectural evaluation of a Postal System (2010). The project consisted in analyzing the Architecture of the complex Postal system and understanding whether a new Architecture based on SOA could reduce the maintenance/evolution times. The comparison was conducted using the SAAM method. This project was funded by Elsag/Datamat.
  • TECDOC (2008-2010). Funded in the framework of research activities of Ligurian Technology District SIIT (Integrated Intelligent Systems and Technologies), the TECDOC project aimed to define methodologies to efficiently schedule, coordinate, monitor and manage the different operationa activities related to the management of Complex Organizations.
  • VIRTUAL ECM (Enterprise Content Mnagement). Programma operativo Regionale POR-FESR (2007-2013). Funded by Liguria Region.
  • EC2M (Enterprise Cloud Content Management) (2011-2012). Programma operativo Regionale POR-FESR (2007-2013). Funded by Liguria Region.
  • CLOUD BUILDER (2011-2012). Development of business applications in the cloud: Framework study and its implementation. Programma operativo Regionale POR-FESR (2007-2013). Funded by Liguria Region.

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