Research interests

My research interests are in the fields of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. In particular most of my research activity in recent years has been devoted to multi-resolution feature extraction, feature selection and data-driven representations for visual data (images and videos in particular); in these topics I addressed theoretical, algorithmic or applied issues.

Recent projects
  • Extraction and represention of local features in 2D and 3D with harmonic analysis tools
  • Analysis of biological motion, action and activities classification, learning of view-invariant representations
  • Analysis of video sequences for scene understanding, considering both semantics and dynamics information.
Besides theory and algorithms, I also enjoy playing with real world applications.Over the years I have beenĀ  scientific coordinator of technology transfer and applied research projects where we studied, designed and developed
  • algorithms and methods for humanoid robot vision
  • computer vision tools for assisted living
  • face biometry and video-surveillance prototypes
  • image processing for postal security.

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Research keywords

  • computer vision
  • machine learning
  • motion analysis
  • ambient assisted living