Quick Guide to the MT Package

This is just a list of the activities you can tackle with the MT Package, sorted by increasing complexity.
For more detailed instructions see the on-line documentation (also included in the package).

See the demos

Once you have downloaded and installed the MT Package, you can immediately run the demos on the test datasets. Demos are contained in directory MT/demo:

Make your own models

Do you have either terrain data or surface meshes? Try to use our programs to build the MT representation of your data and see them through our demos.

Make your own builder

You don't like the way our programs build the MT? You think you have a better simplification program? Try to modify your program to make a new MT builder.
Just follow instructions here.

Modify extraction conditions in the demos

Do you like to extract meshes with a different threshold function and/or focus set? Try to define your own extraction conditions and modify our demos accordingly. Suppose you decide to modify demo demoX, where X = 1,2.

Add your own attributes to the MT

Do you need different or more attributes on your models? Try to modify our programs to build and use an MT extended with attributes.

Build your own application

Now you are ready to design an application that handles meshes with the attributes you need, and manages multiresolution the way you need. In order to do this you have to: