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Leila De Floriani, Paola Magillo, Enrico Puppo

A dimension-independent package for the representation and manipulation of spatial objects as simplicial complexes at multiple resolutions.

Table of Contents

What is the MT Package?

The MT Package contains a C++ library that allows you to design interactive applications which exploit the full power of multiresolution on geometric objects represented by meshes in any dimension.

The MT Package allows you to do two basic actions: The MT Package is fully parametric on: Thus you can manage multiresolution the way you like, depending on the needs of your application. You just have to specify the attributes you wish to include and the condition to test the resolution.

The MT Package allows you to use your own simplification code to build the multiresolution model! You just have to include commands provided by a class in the library.

The MT Package also contains some off-the-shelf programs, which can be either used directly, or adopted as templates to write your own applications:

See a more detailed quick guide to discover the possibilities you have in using the MT Package.